Stop smoking,
while smoking.

With Rien Pipe, the nicotine-free alternative.
Start quitting today.

There are hundreds of products out there to help you quit smoking. Patches, gums, electronic cigarettes - Most quit approaches contain nicotine in some form.

"Wait a minute. Nicotine is the addictive chemical in cigarettes. Does it make sense to fight nicotine with nicotine?"

That's what we wondered too. And that's why we designed Rien Pipe.

No added nicotine. No patches or gums. This all-in-one kit is engineered to help you quit.

Rien Pipe's patented technology works automatically, cutting nicotine by an extra 3% each day.

This lets you step down gradually off nicotine, helping control cravings and cut your tobacco dependence. Learn more below.

Rien Pipe is different

Rien Pipe is series of 31 advanced filters that attach to your cigarette. Lightweight and compact, you can carry Rien Pipe wherever you go. When you want to light up, simply attach Rien Pipe to your cigarette and smoke as usual.

Rien Pipe works automatically, cutting nicotine by an extra 3% each day. This lets you step down gradually off nicotine, helping control cravings and cut your tobacco dependence at your own pace or by following the 4-8 week program.

Stop using nicotine to quit smoking.

The result? In 31 days, Rien Pipe cuts 95% of nicotine. For many, this made the final step of quitting easier. In fact, since 2005, over 550,000 people around the world have used Rien Pipe to stop smoking.

  1. Helps reduce & quit smoking. No cold turkey.
  2. No side-effects
  3. No drugs or prescriptions
  4. No added nicotine
  1. Not an e-cig/vape - No batteries, chemicals or risk
  2. No guesswork
  3. Everything you need is included in 1 kit
  4. Washable and reusable

95% nicotine cut in 31 days.

Just use 1 Rien Pipe each day. Simple to use.


Rien Pipe has helped

K. Miyamoto

After I started smoking using Pipe No. 27, all of a sudden, I didn't feel any pleasure - smoking just started bothering me.

Carmen K.

This is a great stop smoking aid and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

K. Onishi

My health is much better now. My wife is happy that she doesn't have to breathe in second hand smoke any more.

A. Schandl

I’ve stopped smoking definitely easily, but without the Rien Pipe system it would not have been possible and for the money I paid it’s great.

Quit without the stress

Many quit approaches look for people to stop the action of smoking. This often causes stress. Coupled with the anxiety and irritability from nicotine withdrawal, some would-be quitters give up and lose the battle.

But with Rien Pipe, you don't stop smoking straight from Day 1.

Our approach: Gradually quit nicotine, then quit smoking.

Used as directed, each day of use removes around 3% more nicotine from the smoke you inhale than did the previous day. This gradual pace has been shown to prevent the stress and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, while letting you continue the act of smoking. Most Rien Pipe users can then more easily graduate from cigarettes and start living a tobacco-free life.

Why 3 percent?

Think about orange juice. Can you tell the difference between 100% juice and 97% juice? Neither can we.
Turns out that a 3% is such a subtle difference that most people can't distinguish it.

Since the daily 3% reduction is so mild, the flavor and sensation of smoking isn't dramatically affected day by day, helping you wean yourself off nicotine.

Start quitting today.

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Prefer buying in person? Ask your local pharmacist about Rien Pipe.

Using Rien Pipe

Look closely at a cigarette filter and you will see tiny holes between the filter tip and the tobacco, which help regulate the amount of nicotine that is inhaled. Rien Pipes use a similar concept of air dilution.

This gradual subtraction methodology is the main reason Rien Pipes are very successful and worry-free as compared with pills, inhalers or patches. It also makes Rien Pipe so incredibly easy to use.

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How can Rien Pipe help me?

Easy to use

Just connect to your cigarette and smoke as usual. Rien Pipe starts working automatically right from Day 1.

Smoke as usual

No new habits. Rien Pipe works to gradually reduce nicotine in the smoke you inhale.

No side-effects

Unlike some of the other cessation methods and medications in market, Rien Pipe contains no chemicals or filtration elements that may cause side-effects.


Gradual wean from nicotine, paired with letting you smoke as usual, helps minimize the stress and discomfort often associated with quitting.

Peace of mind

By the end of the Rien Pipe program, your body will no longer be physically dependent on nicotine.

When you decide to quit altogether, wash and keep Pipe #31 with you "just in case" you need a smoke.
It may help you avoid the nicotine rush and the desire to start up again.


Since Rien Pipe has been designed to gradually wean your body off nicotine, reaching low-nicotine levels takes time. Depending on the amount of nicotine in your cigarettes, it can take from around 31 days (for 0.1mg nicotine cigarettes) to over 55 days (in the case of 1.5mg nicotine cigarettes).

In comparison, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) using patches and gums can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks.

Except for the first pipe, each of the 30 pipes contains a precision-drilled hole that helps control the amount of air that's inhaled with each puff. The size of this aperture increases as progress with the Rien Pipe program, gradually increasing the amount of air taken into the chamber, subtracting the amount of nicotine inhaled through dilution.

These holes are designed to reduce the amount of inhaled nicotine by 3%. Even from Day 1, Rien Pipe's tar-catching core goes to work in reducing nicotine. Our reliable, ultra-precise Japanese technology can be trusted to help you reach your goal to quit cigarettes.

By weaning you off the physical addiction to nicotine, taking the next step toward quitting smoking altogether becomes easier for many of our customers. This gradual subtraction methodology is the main reason Rien Pipes are very successful and worry-free versus pills, inhalers or patches.

Rien Pipe was testing at an independent lab in Japan (Hitachi Kyowa) to verify that it steps down nicotine levels in inhaled smoke, at which time both the progressive cut along with the 95% cut by Pipe #31 had been confirmed.

In addition, before being sealed and packaged, each individual Rien Pipe is quality-tested to ensure that it falls within the tolerances required for a reduction rate of around 3% per day. Products falling outside this precise range are rejected.

Rien Pipe is a mechanical device and it uses patented precision micropore technology that reduces the amount of nicotine and tar that enters the body. The body and mouthpiece of Rien Pipe are made of non-toxic plastics, with Pipes #2-4 containing a tiny aluminium element. Rien Pipe contains no nicotine, drug, chemicals or additives of any kind. It is designed to be as straightforward, easy-to-use and effective as possible. Rien Pipe has been used in Japan since 2005 and is safe for anyone wishing to quit smoking.

Unlike most filters, which use fine fibers or charcoal that can be inhaled along with smoke, Rien Pipe uses a very different technology to remove nicotine when smoking, and adds no additional particles to inhaled smoke. In fact, the core in Rien Pipe has the ability to catch additional tar and other particles missed by the cigarette's built-in filter.

Other Products

  • Nicotine gums, patches and other medications - while generally considered safe - can have a long list of potential side effects. Meanwhile, batteries in e-cigarettes/vaporizers may be unreliable and explode.
  • Nicotine patches, gums and lozenges replace cigarettes and provide your body with nicotine with the aim of reducing nicotine dependence in stages. When used as directed, these products tend to take around 10-12 weeks to work.
  • Because patches/gums release small amounts of nicotine, many people experience withdrawal symptoms and a strong desire to smoke.
  • Many quitters experience a certain degree of irritation at not being able to hold a cigarette.

With Rien Pipe

  • Given the nature of the product, there are no adverse effects associated with using Rien Pipe to quit smoking.
  • Rien Pipe aims to gradually limit nicotine at the source as you smoke. Depending on the amount of nicotine in your cigarettes, Rien Pipe may take between 31 and 60 days.
  • Rien Pipe can effectively reduce the body's demand for nicotine, as nicotine patches and gums are intended to - but without introducing more nicotine into your body along the way.
  • Since people continue to smoke while quitting, most feel comfortable with being able to hold a cigarette.
  • There is no need to force yourself to stop. Rien Pipe automatically filters out the nicotine gradually.
  • After the final step of the Rien Pipe program, your body will be virtually free from its physical nicotine addiction, giving you that advantage you need to kick your smoking habit.

Ultimately, as with other smoking cessation programs, you will have to make the effort to switch to a non-smoking lifestyle.

We have seen different success rates between users who smoke strong cigarettes and those who smoke lighter brands. It is safe to assume those who smoke stronger cigarettes have a stronger nicotine addiction.

We recommend using Rien Pipe twice for people who smoke stronger cigarettes. After using Rien Pipe for one month with your regular strong brand, switch to a lighter brand with 0.1mg of nicotine or less, and use Rien Pipe for another month.

By switching brands and reusing your set of Rien Pipe for a second month, you will increase your chance of successfully quitting smoking. Click here for more information on making a quit schedule.

Yes! We've designed Rien Pipe to be cleanable and reusable. Even if you complete the Rien Pipe program and are not yet in a place to quit entirely, your body will no longer physically need nicotine. For this reason, you can continue to clean and re-use Pipe #31. Replacement pipes (including a box of 10 Rien Pipe #31s) are also available on our website.

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Available in Two Sizes

Smoke regulars?

Select Rien Pipe GR.

Smoke slims/superslims?

Choose Rien Pipe GS.

Each Rien Pipe Quit Kit Contains:

  • 31 Rien Pipes (washable and reusable)
  • Quick Start guide
  • Booklet

Prefer buying in person? Ask your local pharmacist about Rien Pipe.

* Valid for orders of Rien Pipe GR and GS (31-pipe kits) originating in North America, Europe and Australasia.